Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things That I Do Care About

In Response to Previous Post:

Things That I Have Passion For:

  • Beginning each day on my knees in prayer
  • Successfully following through with every commitment I make
  • Training hard to beat my previous race time
  • My education-doing all that I can to make myself an valuable asset in the Advertising industry
  • Keeping my New Year's resolutions (week two and still going strong)
  • Trying to do something out of my comfort zone each day.
  • Biggest Loser-give it a try, you will get hooked
  • Clean Sheets
  • Realizing my true potential
  • See the positive through the trials-sometimes it is more blurry than other times
  • Being grateful
  • Seeing others' potential and talents
  • Soft Hands
  • Being organized-take a look at our closet and you will see how OCD I really am