Sunday, May 17, 2009

Story from the Weekend

I went to visit a boy who lives here........

His house has a cute yellow door, and wrap around porch.

Here is the boy who lives in the house
with his cute grin.

This is the pool and pool house
where we took a nap while we soaked up some rays.

Here he is slicing up some fresh watermelon,
and kindly eliminating the black seeds!

Nothing like fresh lime juice on watermelon

Here is the boy getting ready to get beat at Wii tennis.

Here is our picture as we prepared to say our goodbyes.

The End

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dedication to my Mom

Today is a day dedicated to celebrating Mothers.
I have been very blessed and fortunate to have an incredible mom. 
She has done so much for me, and has influenced my life in so many ways.

Today I wanted to share 20 reasons why I love and am grateful to you, Mom:

1. Your decision to join the LDS church while she was in college,
This is such an incredible blessing that not only affected me, but my children.

2. Your testimony

3. Your laugh

4. Your willingness to play
You were always down on your knees playing with us when we were children,
imagining all kinds of stories,
and you still like to play games with us

5. Your smile,
It is very contagious!

6. Your love of reading
We grew up watching you read, and you instilled that love in all of us

7. Our late night talks

8. Your patience

9. Your sewing talent

10. Your desire to help others

11. Your decorating style

12. Watching you at work
You are so great with the kids, so patient, I can wait to see you with our children

13. The support you give each one of us
Sports, school, life, you have always been there cheering

14. Your cooking talent

15. Your ability to make friends

16. Your righteous example

17. Your patience

18. Your drive to always do better

19. Your loving disposition

20. The sacrifices that you have willingly made for me, as your daughter.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week in Review

My first week in New York has been great!
We have done a lot of walking and discovering.
I have adjusted well to living in the I House, 
and am really enjoying being here.

I am having a hard time adjusting to the humidity, 
I am averaging at least two showers a day, 
and have kissed my straight hair goodbye!!

I am excited to start work tomorrow!

Here are some pics from the week,
(thanks go to Lindsay our group photographer!)

Fuss Ball tournament at the I-House Pub.
Can you feel the intensity

We enjoyed some delicious Arepas with Pat and Lindsay,
my favorite was beef and cheese!

We went to the Sony Wonder museum.
It was amazing, and I even got to try my skills 
as a news anchor.

We rode the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.
Both incredible sights, and take your breath away as you see and learn
about how the immigrants came across the ocean.