Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas is Here!

Trying to get warm after running Christmas Errands in the Cold!!

I am finally putting up pictures of our tree and stockings!! I cannot believe Christmas is only 3 Days away! We are still in Idaho until tomorrow, and then down to Utah we go!! We can't wait to spend two weeks with our family! It has snowed here all week and the temperature has stayed in the low 20's!! The Christmas spirit is in the air. We were given seasons greetings at every store we shopped at today. I just love the feeling that Christmas brings! Here are some pictures from our Christmas Season so far. . . .

Here is our two trees with a few presents underneath!!

Our Stockings hung with Care! (The window sill is our chimney this year!!)

The Christmas Cards I made

Our second bedroom turned into the Christmas Craft and Present Wrapping Room!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow is Falling

Well it has now snowed here for five days straight!! It has been so beautiful-waking up each morning to a white wonderland! My favorite scene is to open the blinds in the early morning and see the fresh snow-empty of tire tracks and foot prints. The white reflects off everything and makes the world seem like it is glowing! I soak in the beautiful snow, filling myself with happy thoughts until. . . . we have to leave our warm house and venture out!

Our small town of Rexburg does not invest in snow plows. The streets are never plowed so they become death traps! Cars drive on them all day-causing the snow to compact, and then once night hits-everything freezes!! The roads become giant ice rinks! It is terrible!! We got stuck twice this week-so bad that other people had to get out and push our car! The combination of the snow and our car tires (which are not made for the snow) equals dangerous driving! Adam has now become the sole driver in our marriage- I am totally dependent on him!! I know that is sad-but I do not enjoy driving in the snow-especially when the roads are never plowed. Snow tires here we come!!!

I am learning all kinds of new things about winter here! It is so cold-every morning on the way to work our car has showed that it has been -2 degrees!! In Utah I was able to wear high heels all winter, and never wear a big coat unless I chose to. It is a whole different story here. I now only wear my Ugg boots-everyday, because it is so cold!! I have changed from the girl who always dressed for style-to the girl who is now dressing for warmth!! Some days I refuse to bundle up, wanting to wear something cute-that will not be covered up by a coat. But after shivering all day, I finally give in! Ahh winter!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Holiday Favorites

1. The Smells-Cinnamon and Cranberry Candles, Cinnamon Scented Pinecones

2. Christmas Lights-Blinking lights are my favorite, and the white Icicles

3. Hot Chocolate-Starbucks Hot Chocolate is the best! ( I recommend putting Hazelnut in it to!)
4. Christmas Tree-We have an artificial one this year-so we don't have the delicious Aroma-but I Love the tree when it is lit at night!

5. Holiday Decorations-Stockings, Wreaths, Garland, Santas, Pillows, Miniature Trees

6. Christmas Shopping-Sadly I have done the majority of my shopping online this year-so I did not get to experience the Christmas bustle!

7. Holiday Music-Michael Buble's Christmas Album, Bing Crosby's Holiday Album, and of course Neil Diamond-my childhood favorite!

8. Holiday Movies- White Christmas, The Original Grinch, Polar Express

9. My Husband-He keeps me warm at night when it is -10 here in Idaho!

10. Family-Being able to spend a long period of time with both of our families

11. Snow-(Only if I am not driving!!)

12. Christmas Eve Parties

13. Christmas Pajamas-
Victoria's Secret Flannel Sets are the BEST!

14. Christmas Breakfast-
Souffle and Caramel Rolls

15. Christmast Books- "Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree," "Polar Express," "The Night Before Christmas," "The Jolly Christmas Postman,"

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fashion Humor

I did a London Study Abroad in the Fall of 2006 through BYU, which was and has become one of the most influential experiences I have had. It has become such a part of me, and at times I yearn to be back there. While I was there, a group of us girls discovered this book: "How to Walk in High Heels." It is a fashion guide book, full of advice and humor. I forgot all about this book until today when I found it on our book shelf. I have been in the mood for some light reading and decided to browse through it. I soon found myself laughing out loud and reading passage after passage to Adam. It covers every topic imaginable: "How to be Stylish, How to Understand Politics, How to Have Good Manners, and How to Pack." Just to name a few!! Each chapter is full of fashion qutoes, directon, jokes. It is also full of British humor and all the British words that I have come to love so much!! I have been hooked all day, and enjoyed it thoroughly, so I thought I would reccommend it to others. Definitely an entertaining read!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Perfect Day

This is where our story began. . . . August 2, 2007. I have been ordering wedding pictures all week-for us and for Christmas presents. (That is the best thing about the first Christmas-you can give pictures out as gifts!) What an incredible day that was-the one day you truly feel like a princess-where everything goes right, and you feel flawlessly beautiful! All those months of stress and planning seem worth it! We got married in the Salt Lake Temple at 9:00 a.m., and then had a luncheon/reception with close family and friends at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We had a band, dancing, and delicious food! It was like a fairytale! It is amazing how fast that day goes by-all of the sudden it is over! We had an open house the next weekend in my parents' backyard. So I got to wear my dress twice. There is something special about having your hair done, and putting on that white, lacy dress.

Adam has asked me on more than one occassion what the big deal is about a wedding dress. His words, "Why would you go spend so much money on something you are going to wear for one day, and never wear again?" Well, that is a great question, and one I don't have the perfect answer for. I don't know why the dress is so vital-but I do know, a wedding day would not be a wedding day without a beautiful dress. There is something about putting that dress on and you feel completely transformed.

Your wedding day is something that stays with you always, all those feelings of excitment and happiness as you begin your new journey. Aug. 2, will always be the day I began my new journey with my best friend. Someone who I can laugh with, cry with, and face all life's challenges with!! I feel very blessed to be married to such an incredible person, it has been four wonderful months so far-we have moments of frustration, but those soon melt away. Each day we are together becomes another perfect day.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Morning Blues

Why is it that the older you get-the harder it is to get up in the morning??? When I hear those three high pitched chimes in the morning I want to scream out in rage! I hit the snooze button at least three times each morning, and when it comes time to finally get out of bed- I have to drag myself out. No matter what time I go to bed the night before-the morning is still difficult. I am getting frustrated-I used to be the person who got up at 5:30 to go running, or who just "naturally" woke up at 6:00! Where has that ability gone?? Now every morning I make the choice between getting ready or sleeping, and 9 times out of 10 sleeping wins. Each night as I set the alarm I make a goal to get up right when it goes off so I can get stuff done before work, and then in the morning my goal is forgotten. I need a solution or a new suggestion on how to make waking up a more pleasurable experience!!

Monday, December 3, 2007


Well I am joining the "Blogging World." After viewing blogs of friends and family members, I got inspired to start my own. I have just settled in to a new life of marriage and moving to a (very) small town in Idaho. It has been four months since we arrived, and each day I realize that I am enjoying this town more and more. It has all the small town charm that you can imagine-small diners, farmers, cowboys, neighborly love, and the charming main street full of all kinds of stores that are perfect for window shopping. I have recently discovered a store named "Porters" that opened my eyes to place I never knew existed here-it was brimming with Christmas decorations, crafts, scrapbook supplies, everything a creative person could want-The store takes up three buildings to fit all their supplies and merchandise!
But there are a few drawbacks-nothing is open past 11:30 p.m. for all those late night cravings, the cold weather, and the nearest clothes store is 30 miles south. I have recently become an online shopping pro-the UPS man knows me by name! I have also become an internet enthusiast because it is where I stay caught up on all the latest news, clothes, trends, and how I communicate with all the friends and family that we left behind.