Thursday, January 31, 2008

Home Makeover Update

Well here are some pictures from my home make-over New Years Resolution! I keep getting asked to put some pictures up of what I have done so far-so here they are. It is a slow but sure project. We still have a long way to go, but here is what I got done in January!

Here is the shelf we bought at Ikea to use as our pantry. I put it together all by myself!!

My Uncle made this bench for me-So I stained it black and it is now our Coffee Table!

Our new towel Rack from Rod Works-I had to spray it black to match the kitchen

The candle centerpiece on our kitchen table

Pictures from my study abroad-they are on the kitchen wall above the kitchen table.

They all go side by side on the wall

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fashion Icon

Alright I have a confession, I was once an "O.C." maniac. I never missed an episode when the show started. I lived, breathed, and dreamt the characters, the drama, and the social life. This obsession started as an accident as I stumbled across the show in the first season. I was immediately hooked!! This lasted until the middle of season three when the drama became too much and the episodes began to blend together. But from this show my admiration grew for Rachel Bilson. She is one of my fashion icons. She always looks stylish and perfectly put together. Her style is timeless, always choosing pieces that blend together well, while still making a statement. I search for photos of her weekly so I can steal fashion ideas from her!
While doing just that this morning, I stumbled across an article about her close encounter of being fired because she refused to do nudity in one of her films!!! My adoration just shot through the roof! Not only is she a great example of classic style, but she has some pretty good morals!! I try to limit my "star intake" but I just have recently become more impressed by her and her style!

This is one of my favorite outfits-it is so casual but looks amazing-the jacket is a must!

I love this blouse, it is very chic and different.

I feel silly putting pictures of a celebrity on my blog, but I really love her style!! ( and I am at work and bored to tears!!)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finding Joy In Small Things

So I have been out of eye makeup remover for three days now. So instead of using soft eye soap, I have been using regular Dial soap on a soft cotton ball. It is TORTURE!! It is hard on my skin, it gets in my eyes, and then they burn and swell up! It has made me hate getting ready for bed even more! So yesterday I had to run to the grocery store quickly to grab a few things for lunch, and was so desperate that I decided to go look at their eye makeup remover. ( I don't like getting toiletries at Grocery stores!) So I grabbed the first thing I saw, and to my surprise- washing my eye makeup off last night was like washing with a soft, silky ball of Satin!! It was wonderful and it only took a little bit to take off all the makeup. And more importantly it smelled DELICIOUS!! It smells exactly like roses!! So not only was it soft on my eye, and worked great-the air was filled with the sweet aroma of fresh roses. I was so excited over this small moment that I ran into to our bedroom to share this tiny joy with Adam. He tried to share and relate to the experience with me because he could tell how happy I was, but let's face it, his knowledge on makeup removers is very limited. So I am sharing this small and somewhat silly thing to all those who can relate to the very torturous event of washing off eye makeup!! I am finally saying goodbye to the burning eyes!!

These are my favorite house household item!! I love Clorox wipes! They are so divine-because they pick up messes very quickly and are the perfect solution when you don't want to deep clean but want to disinfect!! I make sure we always have some of these!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Want or Need. . . . .

I work as a receptionist at the same office that Adam works in. So I spend a lot of time on the internet-surfing the web, blogging, and much to Adam's dismay-shopping! When we were down in Utah during Christmas, we spent a day going shopping at the Gateway Mall where I was introduced to my new favorite obsession ANTHROPOLOGIE! I love that store-the clothes are so unique and the design of the store is fabulous!. When I walked in that day, it was like I was entering my own fairytale. The clothes that were in the store, and the way that everything was arranged and decorated! It was wonderful-thank you Adam for being such a sport and staying in there with me.

Now we are back in Idaho and I have to view my dream store online only. (Which I do frequently-as if I think it is going to disappear or something!) I wanted to share with you my new favorite pieces of clothing. I have become obsessed with them, and view them daily. I can't really justify spending all my money on each one quite yet. Do I really NEED another skirt or jacket to add to my already well stocked closet???

This shirt is named the "Peter Rabbit Blouse"

I tried this trench coat on in the store and instantly fell in love!!
It is hard to see, but it has cute little lace flaps everywhere-so cute and different.

I have recently been buying all kinds of 3/4 sleeve Jackets with Bell Sleeves.
I just think they are so cute, and flattering, but as Adam pointed out
"They are not practical here in Idaho!" (Sadly true!)

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Well I am finally posting pictures of my hair cut. I went to my hair appointment on the 3 of January unsure of what I was going to do with my hair. I loved it long-but at the same time I wanted a change. It had been long, for so long! So I thought about it all during Christmas trying to figure out what to do-color it, add layers, or just cut it all of! Well here are the results. . . .


These are not the best pictues of me!

I ended up cutting off 15 INCHES!!! We started by just cutting off a few inches at a time and I finally just told Nicole to cut it off. I really like it-and once it was over I felt more like me because I have had short hair much than I have had long hair. So after 3 YEARS with long hair-it is all gone!!! Adam had no idea, so when he came to pick me up after riding the shuttle (yes I rode the "Salt Lake Express" back up to Rexburg-it was amazing!) he was very surprised to see all my long hair had been cut!! I love the cut-my blowdrying time has been cut in half, and I just feel like a new person!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Firm Determination

ReSoLuTiOnS- Webster's Dictionary has this to say, "the act or process of resolving," so I turned to:
ReSoLvE-the one I liked the best says: "marked by firm determination."

As each New Year approaches (I realize it is already here, so am a little late on these thoughts!) I am filled with this incredible amount of "FIRM DETERMINATION." (I really like that expression.) Three days before the first of January I start writing down RESOLUTIONS, and am filled with excitement because of the fresh new year. It feels like a fresh clean slate, like opening a new pack of paper-it is blank ready for new goals, accomplishments, and memories. I am excited to get the New Year started and start working on the goals I want to accomplish, and the bad habits I want to overcome (it seems each year my list of bad habits increases!)

Well it is now the second week of January and for some reason last night I was blindsided by feelings of inadequacy. I was suddenly overwhelmed by all that I wanted to do this year! One of my biggest goals was to turn our apartment into a home. And I guess that I thought I could do it in a matter days instead of realizing that it may take months. So when Adam came home last night he found me on the family room floor, filled with depression. (I am pathetic I know!) After trying to uplift my spirits, we both decided it was best to go to bed and that the morning would bring happiness!

So here I am-it is now 10 a.m. and I feel better! I realize that I am not SUPERWOMAN (yes it took awhile and hurt) and that all I need to do is give myself time. So I am now armed with my project list and supply list:

1 Sheet of Sand Paper-To strip the kitchen chairs that I am repainting

1 Can of White Primer-The first layer to go on our coffee table

1 Can of Black Furniture Paint-The last layer to go on our coffee table

1 Tube of White Spackle-To fill in all the holes that I have made when hanging pictures and then taking them down because I changed my mind! (sorry Adam)

5 Frames-to hang more pictures

1 Bookshelf-To organize our never ending supply of books

3 Paintbrushes-For all the above projects that require one

1 Large Tarp-To do all the projects on-inside the house-because the normal temperature here is always in the teens and the ground is permanently white

1 Long bubble bath

With this list created I feel more calm! That feeling of "firm determination" is crawling back in! I felt more organized and realized that I can focus on one project at a time!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Look Back @ 2007. . . .

1. At the beginning of the year, I readjusted to living back in Provo, after spending 4 1/2 months in London.

2. Paige became Mrs. Wes Anderson on February 15, 2007 in the Salt Lake Temple and had a beautiful reception at Tucanos.

3. March 2, 2007- My first date with Adam!! We were set up on a blind date. We went to Happy Sumo and then played pool at Fat Cats, and then went to his apartment to watch a movie.

4. March 10, 2007- Melissa had her reception and then was married to Mike Williams the next morning.

5. April 23, 2007- Adam and I took a road trip down to Colorado to meet Adam's sister Brandi, her husband Nate, and her three cute girls Brinley, Alexa, and Natalee.

6. April 27, 2007- Crystal and Adam were married in Salt Lake!

7. May 19, 2007-Adam and I got engaged on the Heber Creeper train

8. June 15, 2007- Jen married Phil Richards in the Bountiful Temple!!

9. July 28, 2007- I took my endowments out at the Mount Timpanogos Temple

10. August 2, 2007- Adam I were married in Salt Lake at 9:00 a.m. and had a luncheon reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

11. August 7, 2007-We move up to Rexburg, Idaho

12. August 11, 2007- We had an open house in my parent's backyard

13. August 24, 2007-Kim was sealed to Jake Mulder in Bountiful

14. August 25, 2007-Jeremy joined the Collings Family, and Ashley became Mrs. Jeremy Peterson!

15. September 2007-My older brother moved up to Rexburg and joined us at Prosper!!

16. September 15, 2007- Nikki was married to Denton in Manti!

17. November 21, 2007-Our dear friend Wes was called home. Our lives will be forever touched and impacted because of his example and friendship.

18. December 24 &25- Our first Christmas and Holiday Season together, and being married!