Friday, April 25, 2008


I am sorry for the slack of posts!
We arrived safely last Saturday night after a long day of moving!
Although the move was stressful we were blessed with family and ward members
that willingly devoted their time to ease some of the burden!

We are currently living in my parents basement,
and will be moving into our condo on the 29th.
We are very excited!

We just made our first purchase as " a married couple" by buying a
"Sactional" from Lovsac, so we are excited
and feel very grown up!

I am working at the Prosper Corporate office down here, and am enjoying it,
Adam started work with Van Buren Inc. on Monday and has been
smiling ever since.
He is already made quite an impact on the company and is becoming a driving force!

We feel very happy and blessed to be back and feel like this is where we are supposed to be.
Don't worry we have eaten Cafe Rio three times now, in the 6 days that we have been back!

I will post more soon!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Spring

J Crew

Forever 21

J Crew


Forever 21

The Sun is shining and the temperature is currently 69 degrees

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boxes, Scones, and a Movie

We are a week away from the big move.

Boxes are starting to overtake our house!!

Our walls are more bare each day

So today, after coming home from work, we packed boxes and more boxes
By the time five o'clock hit, we were tired hungry, and in the mood for a date.
So after cleaning ourselves up,
We decided to partake in the "fine cuisine" of Applebees-the hottest spot in town
Afterwards, as part of our "hot" date, we stopped to do some grocery shopping and picked up this:

And this was the result:

I tried my hand at homemade Honey Butter beccause of the no sugar goal
After enjoying some of these fried goodies, we cuddled up to watch some movies.
All in all a good productive day that ended in a lovely way!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Grateful for:

1. General Conference: I look forward to this weekend because of the Spirit that is present and the words that are spoken. It was such a wonderful experience to participate in the Solemn Assembly. It was so neat to stand together and all raise our hands in support of dear President Monson.

2. My husband's cooking skills: There are many time during the week and on Sundays where I am just too tired to cook. On those days Adam is more than willing to take over and whip up something delicious. It is a nice break!!

3. Food Saver: This baby is a miracle worker!! It is my new favorite kitchen gadget. It vacuums all the air out and then seals the bag around any food item that you want to freeze. I have done salmon, steaks, chicken, strawberries, peaches. So now we have a freezer full of food, ready to eat, and also safely protected from freezer burn!

4. Yogi Herbal Tea: As most of you already know, I have difficulty sleeping at nights. I should go to a doctor, but don't want to become dependent on sleeping pills. Last week while browsing the organic section at our grocery store I found this tea. I decided to give it a shot, and have been sleeping like a baby ever since! It is a wonderful flavor of lavender and has been working great! I drink 1 cup right before bed, and have been able to fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer!! An added bonus-each tea bag has a saying on it, last nights was "Be proud of who you are!", so I not only get sleep but happy thoughts!

5. Music: Each Sunday morning Adam and I have tried to make the habit of turning on "Sounds of the Sabbath," as we get ready for church. I love the spirit that music brings into our home. I love music-i am not very picky about what is playing as long as it makes me feel good. I am so grateful for the people who very willingly share their musical talents for us to enjoy!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Drumroll Please. . . . . . . .

I have an important Announcement!!!

I have been waiting to announce this until things were more official


Adam has received a new job offer, so after thinking, praying, and planning

we are moving back!

Despite some of my complaining, we have really come to love Rexburg!!

We have liked spending our first eight months of marriage out on our own away from family.

We have created wonderful memories here, and created a lot of friendships that we are sad to be leaving

We are excited for this new adventure and approach itwith bittersweet feelings as we leave!

We will be moving down the weekend of the 20th of April!

We are excited, nervous, stressed, and happy!!

(I just realized I did not post a "Gratitude Monday" post- I sincerely apologize and promise there will be one next Monday morning bright and early!)