Monday, September 6, 2010

Update with thoughts

1. My favorite season is starting, I cant wait to wear jackets and sweaters again

2. I have currently fallen off the running wagon, and it is bad

3. We just passed the year mark of Downing's mission, and the countdown begins to the day when I get to see my handsome brother

4. I am currently on Accutane and spend what little spare time I have sleeping, this medicine is kicking my trash.

5. I am extremely baby hungry, but cannot have one yet because of the the reason above - anyone need a baby sitter?

6. I just purchased a sewing machine and am starting a life long dream of sewing - will keep you updated.

7. Adam just got a new job that he loves and which is a lot closer to our home so he does not have to drive to Provo at 6 am every day.

8. I am obsessed with garden vegetables-especially Zucchini sauteed with olive oil and onions. My parents send me up a bag each week and that is all I eat for days.

9. I have started a little side venture -, received new clients that I have helped style, this is where my spare time goes, which leaves this place a bit neglected.

10. My youngest brother Jeffrey is starting Varsity for the Provo High football team as a sophomore so we spend our Friday nights reliving high school memories, and I must admit, I miss football season