Thursday, June 10, 2010


I have an Aunt, who is my hero.
When I was a little girl I would dream about
one being a grown up who was as fashionable and fabulous
as her.

She would take me to the best shops every time we visited,
She played "Harriet the Spy" with me writing letters in our
secret code and using her spy name "Ursula."

As a teenager I looked forward to visiting her in the summer
where we would shop, lay by the pool and cook delicious food.
It was like having an older sister.

In 2003, my aunt and dear friend was diagnosed with LuGehrig's Disease or ALS.
It started in her hands and would cause her to drop things,
And slowly attacked the rest of the nerves in her body,
Causing her to lose the ability to walk, cook, shop, hug, and dance.

7 years later she is still bravely fighting this awful disease.
And as she watches all her mobility disappear while her mind remains unaffected,
She continues to smile, laugh, and even thank God for the blessings that she has.

She truly is my hero, and on Saturday my siblings and I will all be honoring her
by pushing ourselves and challenging our abilities by running.
We are running different races but will be wearing matching shirts
And pushing ourselves for our aunt who can no longer run.