Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Beginnings

It has been quite awhile!

Here is a little update with a few pictures. 

I started new job last week, and it has been fantastic.
The first three weeks of being back were tough,
I was interviewing like crazy, but could not find something that would fit.
And then I interviewed here.
I am currently helping manage this Boutique, but also doing Expos.
I leave on Sunday to New York for a Clothing show.
The store is located in Pleasant Grove, and has FABULOUS clothes!!

At the end of August we moved into this house

We are house sitting for the next 18 months while 
the owners are on a mission.

I am in love with this dreamy new kitchen,
we cook a lot more now!


We are on to our next adventure..
We are so happy to be back home, and have the blessing to live here.
It has been a tough month as we have both struggled to find jobs,
But feel very blessed that we both have found companies that are a perfect fit.