Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Movie Review

We went,

We Saw,



Dark Knight was AMAZING!!

I have never felt so emotionally invested while watching a movie.

This guy was incredible:

You wanted to hate him because he was so evil,
but there was a soft spot for him, even though I had no idea why.
His performance was amazing!!

Christian Bale was of course as dreamy as ever.

I give this movie a A+, and can't wait to go see it at the IMAX.

On Saturday afternoon I went and saw this movie with some of dear girlies.

It was a very fun movie to watch.

The music was amazing, I need the sound track!!

The daughter's voice is amazing, I wish she would have sung more,

and despite what some reviews have said Pierce Brosnan does a good job singing as well.

But I would recommend seeing this movie with girls,

If your husband is anything like mine, it will not be enjoyed!!


Erin said...

I'm so glad you threw in that you need to see Mamma Mia with girls, because I definitely plan on seeing it, and definitely NOT with Chris. He would go, because he's nice, but he wouldn't like it and then I wouldn't have as much fun either.

Ryan said...

That's hilarious that you talk about these two movies together because my team was joking that we should go see Mama Mia instead of the Dark Knight!

What you said about Mama Mia...good to know! When my wife wants to see it, now I know to send her with her sisters and I'll go see Dark Knight again.

Wasn't the Dark Knight amazing!? There we're times when I thought, "This sucks! He's dead!" When we came out of the movie my wife turned to me and said, "If you die, I'm marrying Christian Bale." I responded, "That's fine. If you die, I'M marrying Christian Bale!"

JINGER said...

Wasn't Batman crazy! Carl and I can't stop thinking about it....I think we might have to see it a couple times on the big screen. it's SO good. How utah by the way?

Kar said...

Oh yeah Heath Ledger was amazing. I'm embarrassed to say I've seen it twice.

Mamma Mia was so fun! Thanks for coming!

Kate said...

Um, Thanks again for watching Charlie for us. (I really can't thank you enough!!!) It was so nice to get out and have a date!!! Man oh man, we need to do that more often! And we need to get together and go out with you guys sometime. Call us!

erin said...

which is better , IMAX or the other?