Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Beginnings

It has been quite awhile!

Here is a little update with a few pictures. 

I started new job last week, and it has been fantastic.
The first three weeks of being back were tough,
I was interviewing like crazy, but could not find something that would fit.
And then I interviewed here.
I am currently helping manage this Boutique, but also doing Expos.
I leave on Sunday to New York for a Clothing show.
The store is located in Pleasant Grove, and has FABULOUS clothes!!

At the end of August we moved into this house

We are house sitting for the next 18 months while 
the owners are on a mission.

I am in love with this dreamy new kitchen,
we cook a lot more now!


We are on to our next adventure..
We are so happy to be back home, and have the blessing to live here.
It has been a tough month as we have both struggled to find jobs,
But feel very blessed that we both have found companies that are a perfect fit. 


Lyndsey and Tony said...

Congratulations Jessica! I'm so jealous of you and your new job!!

erin 'n phil said...

yea you blogged!!Congrats on the awesome job! Can't wait to see your post with NYC pictures. The house is soooo cute!!

Jen and Brian Smithson said...

jES ! how fun for the new job! k when i come to utah this fall im going to come visit your store!! the clothing is super cute!

Our Blog Spot said...

HEY!! I want to see you next time I come up to Utah, FOR SURE!!

Your new places looks WONDERFUL! It's my dream, actually, to house sit for people that leave on a mission--- my luck hasn't been so great though! HA!


Kelly said...

Jess... how fun to see updates. I loved seeing the photo of the Slingerlands home. Crazy to think I spent many friday nights inside that home babysitting. The kitchen is so Great. I am sure you are in Heaven! What Fun! Bake up something yummy and think of me! What would I give to have a day spent with you to help buy me all new clothes. You are amazing!

Erin said...

I drive by Blend all the time! Chris works near there. And that house is amazing, I am VERY jealous of that kitchen! I'm glad things are good!

Kathleen said...

I LOVE BLEND! I am so jealous. I just love that store. Every time I go there I think "some day I will have money and I will spend more than I should here". congrats!