Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Drumroll Please. . . . . . . .

I have an important Announcement!!!

I have been waiting to announce this until things were more official


Adam has received a new job offer, so after thinking, praying, and planning

we are moving back!

Despite some of my complaining, we have really come to love Rexburg!!

We have liked spending our first eight months of marriage out on our own away from family.

We have created wonderful memories here, and created a lot of friendships that we are sad to be leaving

We are excited for this new adventure and approach itwith bittersweet feelings as we leave!

We will be moving down the weekend of the 20th of April!

We are excited, nervous, stressed, and happy!!

(I just realized I did not post a "Gratitude Monday" post- I sincerely apologize and promise there will be one next Monday morning bright and early!)


Nickell and Aaron said...

That is so exciting! You seem to miss it a lot, that will be so nice to be home, and close to family again!! Congrats!

Kate said...

That's pretty exciting!! I know how you feel (*wink, wink*). Let's still be friends.

erin said...

yea for restaurants, movie theaters, malls, and normalcy - all within walking distance! :) we're going to miss you guys.

Kar said...

Yay! I thought something was up when you guys came down with Jonathan.

Whitney Kaye said...

I didn't say a word. Aren't you proud?!

Tadd and Cat said...

Hooray! Back to good old Utah! I'm excited for you guys!

ashley said...

hey thats so exciting that you guys are moving back! I love your blog its so cute!

JINGER said...

Although I am very excited for your new adventure and all the success I hope you find in Provo, I was so looking forward to getting to now you and Adam. I hope we can get together atleast one more time before you leave. Congrats...I'm sure it will be a wonderful adventure.

The Red Crew said...

Hey its Carly Red. I'm excited you guys are moving back to Provo on the 20th...We are coming to visit on the 22nd through the 28th
...so if you guys aren't swamped with seeing family and moving in well maybe we could get together. Eric misses Adam dearly! I know he would love it. Anyways, i bet life is hectic..good luck with moving!