Saturday, April 12, 2008

Boxes, Scones, and a Movie

We are a week away from the big move.

Boxes are starting to overtake our house!!

Our walls are more bare each day

So today, after coming home from work, we packed boxes and more boxes
By the time five o'clock hit, we were tired hungry, and in the mood for a date.
So after cleaning ourselves up,
We decided to partake in the "fine cuisine" of Applebees-the hottest spot in town
Afterwards, as part of our "hot" date, we stopped to do some grocery shopping and picked up this:

And this was the result:

I tried my hand at homemade Honey Butter beccause of the no sugar goal
After enjoying some of these fried goodies, we cuddled up to watch some movies.
All in all a good productive day that ended in a lovely way!


Nickell and Aaron said...

Good luck with the move. We just did it, and it wasn't fun!

jessilynn said...

Moving!? Can be fun.. but loaded with tons of stressful moments as well. :)