Thursday, May 22, 2008


I just wanted to apologize for my absence to all my devoted readers (like 2 people!)

We still have not gotten our wireless set up, and so I have not been posting.

But this weekend two exciting posts:

1-The high school tag from Jamie-get ready for some sweet pics

2- And a house tour!!


Kate said...

Ya, where've you been?? I can't believe you've lived without the interwebs for this long! That's the first thing we're doing when we move... making sure we have an internet connection. Forget everything else... if Mark can't get online, it's all over! Silly I know.

Can't wait for your house tour. I don't even know what that is.

Erin said...

Actually, I do look at your blog fairly regularly, so I'm excited for what's coming up!

And I'm so happy for you to be back home, I know how excited I would be if I had been away to move back to Provo.

mary.katherine said...

I'm sorry I forgot to mention that to you. I have been checking your blog faithfully to see if you have posted yet. I can't wait for the house tour!! Where are you guys living?

Trent and Kimberly said...

Hey is Kimberly - My blog is private so email me at so I can add you! or just let me know what your email is so I can add you!


tadd&cat said...

Hey! I tried to comment on Amanda's blog, but it won't let me for some reason! Tell her I want to be her blog buddy, ok? :)

Andrew and Jenna said...

Hey! Your blog is so cute! Andrew and I will be back in Utah in August, so we should definitely hang out. He was so excited when I told him you wrote to us!

Kar said...

Hasn't the weekend come and gone? Where are those promising posts? It was muy loverly seeing you on Sunday by the way.

Whitney Kaye said...

I'm waiting for your posts as well Dear. I loved seeing ya this weekend.