Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Over The Rainbow

I am currently sitting on a round lunch table,
a table that has spots filled with crumbs,
lap top open,
papers spread out everywhere.

School started a week ago, and I feel like I haven't been able to catch my breath,
trying to balance 17 credits and 35 hour work weeks.
Those last few moments at night between climbing into bed
and falling into an exhausting sleep,
is the time Adam and I spend together.
Catching up with each other, right before our talking becomes incoherent mumbling.

Being busy is when I function best.
Having a plan or task for every hour of the day keeps me organized.
I manage my time better and get more accomplished.
I have cooked more in this last week, than I have in a long time.
I live by my planer and check list.
The days begin to blur into each other, but hey, I am getting things done.
I feel productive because I am busy, always going somewhere
or studying something.

It is only now, in this moment,
in a room filled with hundreds of people,
where there is a constant buzz of noise due to talking and laughing,
have I felt more, than I have in two weeks.

There is a piano 10 feet away from where I am sitting.
A guy just sat down and began playing,
and suddenly everything seemed to disappear.
The song "Over the Rainbow" began to echo through the walls,
and I was overcome.

Overcome with gratefulness
grateful for his musical talent, for this building,
for music, for the opportunity to go to school,
grateful for family, for a body that functions well, for people,
the list continues.

He has been playing for ten minutes now,
one beautiful song after another,
I have put all my school work aside and just sat for a moment,
doing nothing.

In one of his talks Elder Ballard talked about
"enjoying the fleeting moments, the quiet moments,"
and although he was talking about motherhood,
his words resonated with me today.
Only in those quiet moments, where we pause
can we see and feel the tender mercies of the Lord.

Sorry for the long absence, I am back now, and will be more consistent.
At least that is the goal!
A long post coming this weekend with pictures of a race I ran in two weeks ago.


Kar said...

You at the terrace in the Wilk? It's nice when the person at the piano actually knows how to play.
Oh man I can't imagine doing school right now. And 17 CREDITS???!!! You are superwoman.

Kathleen said...

17 credits? Holy cow! I love you. You always say such great things. And I love that talk by Elder Ballard! I think about it every night when I go to put Lucy to bed and instead of leaving her to fall asleep alone, I rock her and then watch shut her eyes and just breathe while I smell her baby lotion smell. I think about what a lucky mom I am ...enjoy the small moments...even when life is CRAZY!

Kelly said...

Jessica, sounds like heaven having piano music while doing homework... But,not so much like heaven to have homework again.. Good thing it's you and not me! Good Luck with being wife, student, worker, daughter, neighbor, sister, friendand everything else in between. You are Awesome! Nothing better than sitting quietly and counting our Blessings! You made me smile today!

Nikki and Denton said...

This blog hit home today. I feel the same way, only more work than school. Just think it'll over in 3 1/2 months (for 2 week). Then it starts all over again. I loved this blog, thanks girl. Tell adam hi from us up here in ogden!! Love ya!

Tiffany and Mike said...

I am the exact same way, I am WAY more productive when I am in school and working...which is wierd because you think you should have less time to get things done?? But I don't know how it works but I get so much more done! And checklists, are amazing :)

Mike and Melissa said...

Seriously Jess, I can relate to everything you and life keep you so busy, it's easy to forget to 'stop and smell the roses.' Hang in there with'll have your degree all in good time.