Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Things I Don't Care About

Making the bed

- Folding the clothes in the dryer

- Blogging (my therapist and I are working on this)

- My cereal addiction

- Cleaning out my car

- Repeating outfits weekly

- Cooking dinner (sorry Adam)

- Getting ready in the mornings

Mopping the floor (is there a pattern here?. . . . .  Yeah lost that cleaning feeling a long time ago

- Socializing-it's not you, it's us

- Sleeping

Let's hear your dark confessions,
what is on your don't care list?


Kate said...

You're alive! Just kidding.

I LOVE to make the bed. Makes me feel all productive and clean. Must make it every day. And... I LOVE LOVE LOVE sleeping. And I do like cleaning, maybe not the actually cleaning part but the clean house after puts me in such a good mood! And my bet is you'll enjoy blogging a lot more once you have a baby to write about, things you won't want to forget. It's hard when it's just you and your hubby and all you do is work and school! So I don't blame you!

But I don't care about doing my hair. Ugh, such a pain most days. And I'm with about the cooking thing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dishes and cooking accessories but I really dislike cooking! In fact I'd rather go dish shopping then clothes shopping any day of the week! Funny hu!?

Lara said...

Folding the clothes in the dryer.

The bain of my existence. No, seriously.

cat+tadd said...

Ah you thought of so many things that I forgot! Folding clothes...THE WORST. I hate it, and besides I'm just going to wear them again soon anyway...why can't I pull them from a pile in the dryer?

Kathleen said...

Well I think I don't care that much about blogging (obviously since I hardly ever post even with a cute baby). Also I don't really care about getting all the dishes done with no dishwasher...so that's kind of gross sometimes. I don't care about making the bed, although it does make the room look nicer. And I'll admit that if I'm not stinky and my hair's not too greasy, then I don't care about taking a shower. Sick I know. Well it's more often then every other day, but I hate spending time to get ready...although I love being ready...weird.

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love when you blog! those are good things not to care about :)

Mike and Melissa said...

I'd have to admit that Mike does more cooking in our home than I do. I wish I was more of a real wife!