Monday, April 27, 2009

New York, Day One

After a long day of travel,
I have arrived! 

It has been a long day, full of emotions
so my view is a bit skewed. 

Tears fell freely as I kissed Adam goodbye at the airport this morning. 
The first day is over!

We ate delicious pizza tonight at Patsy's Pizzeria, and walked the streets a bit.

This is where I call home:

View from the door:
bed on right,
desk on left,
window behind-only form of air-no air conditioning.

View from the bed:
Closet on right
Shelf on left

I am a bit tired, but excited for the adventure that lies ahead!!

I start work on Monday morning and can't wait!


mary.katherine said...

No air conditioning?! I would die. That window would be always be open. It will be over before you know it...enjoy it!! Be safe.

Kev said...'re going to do great up there. Can't believe that it's already here. Craziness! Good luck and keep us posted on how the internship goes!

Billy Reano said...

you are going to love it!

KimandJake said...

That's about the size that my room was too! You are definitely going to need a fan or something because it gets killer in the summer. Especially with all the humidity! Post soon about your internship! I want to hear all about it.

erin 'n phil said...

how exciting! is this your room in an apartment of people?