Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snow Shovels and Ugg Boots

This is the view from outside my porch currently.
Don't be fooled by the bare grass showing, the three inches of snow
that fell there last night, have since been blown everywhere
because of the 30 miles per hour wind.

This is our porch-covered in snow, although we live up on the second floor
and never get snow up there.
Thanks wind!

This is the three inches of snow that mysteriously appeared this morning
that I had to trudge through to get to my car!
Thank goodness for pink Uggs!

This is the office door that was frozen shut this morning
due to the Snow, Ice, and Strong Wind.

Have a good day!


erin said...

ew!! Rexburg is awful in March. Time for the snow to go away. Its been soooooo cold!

Tiffany and Clay said...

YUCK!! I am so ready for warm weather here too!! But I guess I can't complain because we don't snow in valley!!!

Ana and Addison said...

Jessica! I love your blog! I was so excited to see your comment. Things are pretty good right now. Idaho's looking cold. I'm with you. I'm all ready for the warm weather. Bring on the sun!