Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I am trying to get back into the world of blogging again,
so I decided that today I was going to post some stuff about me.
I always enjoy when others blog about themselves and give us some glimpses
into their thoughts, feelings, worries, and personalities.
So this may be quite boring, and I am not quite sure what is going to come out, but here it goes!
And it may be very long, so maybe it will give you something to read if you are bored at work (like me!)

1-I love stormy days-when I wake up in the morning to the sound of the rain bouncing on the roof I am filled with excitement. I love the way the dark clouds look in the sky,
and the loud claps of thunder.

2- I am a very sensitive person. We are talking way sensitive.
Being sensitive is not a bad thing-when you have a good balance, something that I lack.
I can get my feelings hurt over the silliest things, and words that were never meant to be taken personal- I take them personally.
I am constantly trying to sprout a thicker skin, and it is something that may take me awhile to conquer. This job has helped a lot in this area, because when angry customers call in and yell at me for something that I did not cause, I have learned to let it roll off.
Being sensitive is not all bad- it does help me to care more for other people,
and helps me be less judgmental. It also causes me to cry in every movie we watch-doesn't matter if it is a horror, comedy, or a cartoon. I can only imagine what I will be like when I am pregnant!!

3- I love love LOVE cookie dough- plain cookie dough, as an ice cream mix in, or completely frozen. It is a terrible addiction, luckily I have gotten my cookie dough desire under a bit more control from the no-sugar goal, but man I just love to eat it!! I rarely eat my finished cookies after they are baked, instead I just happily savor the raw dough straight from the bowl. I always look forward to a trip to Cold Stone so I can order my usual "Cake Batter with Cookie Dough." Because of my insane addiction, I bake cookies only once in awhile.

4- I stink at video games!! I am one of those people that uses her whole body to steer the car, or move my character! It is embarrassing!! I never had any type of video game when I was growing up, and so was never taught the skills. Last Christmas I thought this would all change when we got a Wii, suddenly it was advantage that I used my body while playing-I quickly became a tennis and bowling pro!! But this sad dream ended when we got Mario Cart a few weeks ago-sadly all of leaning, grunting, and twisting no longer helped, and I was back to video game slum!!

I am in a continual battle with my knee. It has been five years since I tore my ACL, and Miniscus, and I still get frustrated with the pain and swelling. The surgery was great, and everything went well, but I guess the image I always had of a perfect knee post surgery was not reality. I have a dream goal of running a marathon, but the reality is-by running a marathon, I choose to have more and worse long term knee problems. Most days it is just fine, the knee doesn't ache, and I forget that one is a better than the other. But currently I am training for a 10K in July and so in preparation for that race I have been running three times a week, which leads to more pain and swelling. I am grateful to still have a functioning knee, and that I am able to run the amount that I want to right now, but sometimes I look over at those people on the treadmill next to me and see their beautiful running strides, and 10 miles on their screen, and I turn green with envy!!


mary.katherine said...

Come to the gym and run next to me. You will be feeling better about yourself in no time! :)

Horray for a new blog!!

fdlkj said...
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Tiffany and Mike said...

I want to run a marathon too! But when I ran in the Wasatch Back I realized I have a bum knee too! I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cookie dough anything...I even recently tried a cookie dough poptart! I am glad you posted about you, it was fun to read!

Kar said...

Good post. I hate it when angry people call in too. Luckily I don't really deal with people in my current job, but I hated it when people got mad at me for being the person that just happened to answer the phone. People can be so mean. I really don't see how people can be so rude sometimes.

Kristen said...

I would like to say I know where you are coming from with the knee issue. I just competed in my first triatholon and realized while I was training and when I was done how much my knee is not how it used to be. Dumb ACL basketball related injuries, I guess I can say I was blessed with only a little miniscus damage. I can only imagine your pain. I have decided that I would just settle for a half marathon in Dec. if I can make my knee work. We should form a bum knee group and run one together, then we would all be slow. LOL

meagan cohoon said...

Hey lady, how is it going with you? I just went private so I want you to email me your email so I can send you an invite! Hope to hear from you soon!

meagan cohoon said...
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