Monday, June 23, 2008

New Shoes, New Shoes. . . .

When I was a little girl,
Every time I got a new pair of shoes I would be filled with
as we drove home from the store.
Not only because I got to wear the shoes, but I was excited to show my dad
so he could sing me the

"New Shoe Song"

Let me share with you this beautiful childhood memory:

"Jessie's got new shoes, new shoes, new shoes
Jessie's got new shoes on today."
(repeat 3x)

My dad sang this to me while I danced twirled in my new foot wear
with a proud smile on my face.
I would make my dad sing this song to me well into my teenage years.

On Saturday these babies arrived for me:

And I taught Adam the song and then informed him
that he was now passed the torch of singing the "New Shoe Song"
not only for our children but for me.

The drive home from Salt Lake was filled with:
"Jess' got new shoes, new shoes, new shoes
Jess' got new shoes on today"

"Jess' got new shoes, bright, red, shiny, shoes
Jess' got new shoes on today."

(We got a little creative)


Tiffany and Mike said...

Ha ha, that is so cute! I love it, and I love the shoes too!

Whitney Kaye said...

Okay, that whole song thing is adorable. I love your dad and Adam.

Tiffany and Clay said...

love the shoes!!! Maybe I need to come up with a song like that so clay will buy me shoes :)

Kar said...

Ha. I love it. I like the creative addition from Adam.

Shanicherie said...

Cute husband! I have shoes almost like it! They're patent though, not fabric. Love em! I've already worn em twice this week!

tadd&cat said...

Of course you can come over! You'll fall instantly in love with her!