Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall Resolutions

I am an official blog slacker!!

Today at work I finally got the blog bug again, something that I have not had for a long time.

I apologize for the LONG absence,
(emphasize when reading the word long)

It is my favorite season!

I love fall........

The bright colors

the stormy weather

Carving pumpkins

This lovely drink


the fall fashion

In honor of my favorite season,
this weekend I have made a few new "fall resolutions"

1-Training begins: I have taken a month and a half off. I went from running 23-26 miles a week to 10-15 a week (if I am lucky). The new running season is around the corner, and the lotteries for races are about to begin. So I made myself a new schedule and it starts on Monday.

2-Long hair: I have made a commitment to grow my hair out again. Sorry not a very flattering picture, I am at work so my picture selection is limited. I have also made a resolution that when my hair is long, I will do it more often, rather than rely on the oh-so-convenient ponytail.

3.Catch up on all my reading: This is a tough one, but something that must be done. Midterms were last week, and although I passed all of them, none of the scores will be bragged about. So to get the grades that I am hoping, I must re-commit myself to school this semester.

4.Spend more time on the important things: Why is it that the most important things fall so easily to the bottom of the list? I am reorganizing myself to spend time each day reading my scriptures, or anything spiritual. I hate how easily I tend to let these things slide.

I love how each week feels like a new beginning.

I hope everyone is enjoying fall!


erin said...

yea you blogged!! i'm excited to read your upcoming blogs. and how fun to grow your hair out. :) i can't believe you run that much. that is so amazing. i can't even get 1 mile under my belt.

Julie Andersen said...

YOU are sooo beautiful Jess! You need to know this! :)
p.s. way to go in your 1/2 marathon

Kevin Wunder said...

Running season...Moab Half...crap that means I have to start running again too!

Trent and Megan said...

Jess! It's been a long time! I just found your blog! Congrats on your 1/2 marathon...what an accomplishment! Someday I will run one!