Wednesday, October 8, 2008


this post is going to be a plea for help!

A little background:
L'oreal comes to BYU campus each year and hosts a competition.

It is called "Brandstorm" and each year they present us with a new brand
that we have to re-market, or create.

This year we have been asked to create a fragrance for Maybelline.
The competition starts at BYU, then goes to New York, and then the finals are in Paris.

Last year a team from BYU won the international finals in PARIS!!
So the competition is in phases:

1st Phase is: Research-we have to know the market, and also our target market
then if we pass that we move on to

Phase 2: which is where we actually create the brand.

So I need your help with the research.
I have attached a link to survey
it should take no longer than 5 minutes.

Just click on the link and answer the questions!!!

Thank you so much!!!!!


Kar said...

Done and done. Easy peasy.

cat+tadd said...

I filled it out!

Erin said...

Done. I even said I would participate in additional research, how bout that? But now I'm wondering if I'll regret that decision . . . jk Jess, good luck with the competition!

Do you know Monica McGhie, one of the girls on the team who won last year? I met her through Katie and Cas, she was their roommate, and she's awesome. And she said Paris was awesome, I hope you get to go all the way!

erin said...

ok, i did it. in hopes that you will blog more often. :)

Kathleen said...

So I filled it out and one comment, I use lotion that smells good, but I counted that as perfume because I use it for that purpose. I hope that doesn't skew things too much. Good luck! Oh and I'm such a good friend that I can't find Katie's that is yet to come.
And What!? to Erin's this the Monica that I'm thinking of? It yes that makes me die laughing.

Morgan said...

how fun to hear from you! i'm so glad you left a comment so i could find you!!!
you look great.
now i know where you are i'll be stopping in from time to time!

Kevin Wunder said...

I can't fill out your's against my religion you gotta love friendly competition!