Sunday, May 17, 2009

Story from the Weekend

I went to visit a boy who lives here........

His house has a cute yellow door, and wrap around porch.

Here is the boy who lives in the house
with his cute grin.

This is the pool and pool house
where we took a nap while we soaked up some rays.

Here he is slicing up some fresh watermelon,
and kindly eliminating the black seeds!

Nothing like fresh lime juice on watermelon

Here is the boy getting ready to get beat at Wii tennis.

Here is our picture as we prepared to say our goodbyes.

The End


erin 'n phil said...

cute post. sad ending. boo, come back. i need to redeem our Saturday night and actually do something fun.

erika herman said...

I had Jeff in one of my classes today. he is getting so old. I hope you are having fun!

Kathleen said...

Oh cute! I'm so glad you got to see each other. Sad at the end. It will be over soon.

Jason + Sarah said...

Yay! You got to go and visit. And oh my gosh where he is living is so precious and cape codish! I'm a bit jealous of the green you get out there!