Monday, December 3, 2007


Well I am joining the "Blogging World." After viewing blogs of friends and family members, I got inspired to start my own. I have just settled in to a new life of marriage and moving to a (very) small town in Idaho. It has been four months since we arrived, and each day I realize that I am enjoying this town more and more. It has all the small town charm that you can imagine-small diners, farmers, cowboys, neighborly love, and the charming main street full of all kinds of stores that are perfect for window shopping. I have recently discovered a store named "Porters" that opened my eyes to place I never knew existed here-it was brimming with Christmas decorations, crafts, scrapbook supplies, everything a creative person could want-The store takes up three buildings to fit all their supplies and merchandise!
But there are a few drawbacks-nothing is open past 11:30 p.m. for all those late night cravings, the cold weather, and the nearest clothes store is 30 miles south. I have recently become an online shopping pro-the UPS man knows me by name! I have also become an internet enthusiast because it is where I stay caught up on all the latest news, clothes, trends, and how I communicate with all the friends and family that we left behind.

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