Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fashion Humor

I did a London Study Abroad in the Fall of 2006 through BYU, which was and has become one of the most influential experiences I have had. It has become such a part of me, and at times I yearn to be back there. While I was there, a group of us girls discovered this book: "How to Walk in High Heels." It is a fashion guide book, full of advice and humor. I forgot all about this book until today when I found it on our book shelf. I have been in the mood for some light reading and decided to browse through it. I soon found myself laughing out loud and reading passage after passage to Adam. It covers every topic imaginable: "How to be Stylish, How to Understand Politics, How to Have Good Manners, and How to Pack." Just to name a few!! Each chapter is full of fashion qutoes, directon, jokes. It is also full of British humor and all the British words that I have come to love so much!! I have been hooked all day, and enjoyed it thoroughly, so I thought I would reccommend it to others. Definitely an entertaining read!!

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Shanicherie said...

Sounds great! I think I might get it! I miss England too! We were there last year at this time! So sad! But it's ok.