Saturday, December 15, 2007

Snow is Falling

Well it has now snowed here for five days straight!! It has been so beautiful-waking up each morning to a white wonderland! My favorite scene is to open the blinds in the early morning and see the fresh snow-empty of tire tracks and foot prints. The white reflects off everything and makes the world seem like it is glowing! I soak in the beautiful snow, filling myself with happy thoughts until. . . . we have to leave our warm house and venture out!

Our small town of Rexburg does not invest in snow plows. The streets are never plowed so they become death traps! Cars drive on them all day-causing the snow to compact, and then once night hits-everything freezes!! The roads become giant ice rinks! It is terrible!! We got stuck twice this week-so bad that other people had to get out and push our car! The combination of the snow and our car tires (which are not made for the snow) equals dangerous driving! Adam has now become the sole driver in our marriage- I am totally dependent on him!! I know that is sad-but I do not enjoy driving in the snow-especially when the roads are never plowed. Snow tires here we come!!!

I am learning all kinds of new things about winter here! It is so cold-every morning on the way to work our car has showed that it has been -2 degrees!! In Utah I was able to wear high heels all winter, and never wear a big coat unless I chose to. It is a whole different story here. I now only wear my Ugg boots-everyday, because it is so cold!! I have changed from the girl who always dressed for style-to the girl who is now dressing for warmth!! Some days I refuse to bundle up, wanting to wear something cute-that will not be covered up by a coat. But after shivering all day, I finally give in! Ahh winter!!


Tadd and Cat said...

I'm so glad you figured out the blog backgrounds! Kinda ridiculous, huh? But it certainly paid off, your blog is adorable!

kate said...

oh look how cute your little blog is! the name is perfect! you are so need to help me so I don't turn into a frumpy mom!

Nickell and Aaron said...

Um, so I am half way through your blog, and I realize, how similarly designed is it to mine. I just did mine today, and then saw yours! Funny!