Tuesday, February 12, 2008

100 Things That Bring Me JOY

I stole this idea from Erin. It was really fun to think of 100 different things that make me happy- I thought at first that I would never be able to think of 100 but once I started I realized I have way more than 100 things that make my life wonderful!!

100 Things that Make Me Happy

  1. My husband
  2. Hot Baths
  3. Candy Conversation Hearts
  4. Fingernail Polish
  5. Warm socks
  6. Portable Heaters that I can carry from room to room
  7. Coke Zero
  8. Sunsets
  9. Treadmills
  10. Nike Shox-favorite shoe to run in
  11. My Ipod
  12. Christmas Carols
  13. Kneeling down and praying with my husband
  14. Gerber Daises
  15. Freshly Fallen Snow
  16. Ugg Boots
  17. Hot Chocolate-especially from Starbucks
  18. My Husband’s laugh
  19. Flying in an airplane
  20. Watching Chick Flicks
  21. Running
  22. Project Runway
  23. Going on Dates with Adam
  24. Shopping
  25. Big Stick Popsicles
  26. Spending time with Family
  27. Cuddling with Adam
  28. Making cards
  29. New Clothes
  30. Cute boutiques
  31. Reading
  32. Singing in the car at the top of my lungs
  33. Cake batter Ice Cream
  34. London
  35. Art Museums
  36. My birthday
  37. Laying out
  38. Swim suits
  39. Puddle splashing
  40. Writing and receiving letters
  41. Café Rio
  42. Going to church
  43. Playing with kids
  44. Clothes shopping-especially with my sister
  45. Jewelry
  46. Scrapbook and Craft Stores
  47. My friends
  48. Traveling
  49. Playing in the Rain
  50. Breakfast cereal
  51. Wii
  52. Target
  53. Nordstrom
  54. Organizing
  55. Seeing the temple from our window
  56. The smell of rain
  57. New shoes
  58. Stilettos
  59. Fashion Week
  60. Cake Decorating
  61. Finding a good sale
  62. New Makeup
  63. Hair cuts
  64. Basketball
  65. Blogging
  66. My dad
  67. Sleeping in
  68. Making to-do lists
  69. Checking off all the things on my to-do lists
  70. Fashion Magazines
  71. Cooking
  72. Down Comforters
  73. The way your body feels after a hard work out
  74. Decorating
  75. Dipping a grill cheese sandwich into tomato soup
  76. Adam’s homemade pizza
  77. Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches-taste good and are only 120 Calories!
  78. Vacuum Lines in the carpet
  79. Music
  80. President Monson
  81. The Beach
  82. Sand Volleyball
  83. Saturday night Date Night
  84. Books on World War II
  85. Creative Blogs
  86. Getting compliments-especially on crappy days
  87. Mexican food
  88. Working in the same office as Adam
  89. Food-I love eating!
  90. Changing into sweats after a long day of work
  91. Getting to work on time
  92. Warm weather
  93. Planners
  94. Propel
  95. “Friends”-I can watch every episode over and over and over
  96. Snow Tires
  97. Scented Candles that last four hours
  98. The smell of cinnamon
  99. Family Parties
  100. Dancing-although most times I look ridiculous!


Kar said...

94 would be in my top 5. Good list.

Kate said...

Good list...we have lots in common!

You really should come over and chat, you know I'm always up for some adult conversation!

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