Tuesday, February 5, 2008


(This post is dedicated to Caitlyn Cox)
It is that wonderful time of year again-the week that brings excitement to my bones-the New York Fashion Week! I love this week!!! I love spending time watching all the Runway shows on the internet, printing pictures of the outfits that I love, and putting them in my clothes folder. This probably makes me seem like a very superficial person, but for some reason clothes are one of my biggest passions-I love seeing new designs, outfits, and ensembles,however I promise I do not go out and blow our food money on clothes!! I am very good about shopping and splurge only once in awhile. I was in London when the London Fashion Week took place in 2006 and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I know that is sad, but I really enjoy watching the runway shoes and seeing the new designs, and then try and copy them as best as I can with my own looks!

Here are a few of my favorites so far:
The first picture is my favorite-the long pencil skirt with the high waist. The last picture with the white trench coat is also one that I really like. I currently own three trench coats (I am pathetic) but I feel as though some of them are looking a little out of style so I am on the hunt for a timeless coat that will look good for a few years!!


Tadd and Cat said...

Awww I'm so happy you posted, my day is complete! What site do you browse for these adorable outfits!?

Shanicherie said...

You're not pathetic! It's like my husband makes me feel bad because he says I have too many shoes! I say I don't have too many shoes until I have one pair for every outfit possible. I have a LONG way to go.

Tiffany and Clay said...

We seriously are meant to be friends!!! If I could shop everyday of my life it would be a life of pure bliss!!

love ya!
call me we need to chat 735-7038

Kate said...

Very cute stuff! I have never been to a runway show...but being a huge fan of project runway makes me really want to go someday! Lucky that you got to go in London!

Living here is NOT helping my sense of style! Yicks!

Paige Anderson said...

It sounds like all your friends including myself love clothes! Boys just don't get it. I really like the shoes the girl is wearing with the trench coat! Lets both save up some money and we'll go shopping when you come out.

CwazyLawa said...

I absolutely LOVE the first one - I wish I had that bod so I could pull it off. And the white trench made me salivate. I was THISCLOSE to buying a trench today... wait a second- when did I grow self control?!

Tadd and Cat said...

Hmm...you disappoint me, it's now been a week, and there is no new post! I can't say I've been much better though, so I'll get back on the blogging train!