Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Saturday Gourmet Night

Due to the lack of restaurant choices here in our dear town of Rexburg, we decided this past weekend that Saturday nights we will cook a delicious gourmet meal instead of going out. So last Saturday was the first time we put this plan into action. Our inspiration for the meal came from one of our favorite shows "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives." In this episode they featured this hamburgers that has cheese in the middle of the burger, so we decided to attempt this new approach to the All American Cheeseburger. We invited Phil, Erin, and Jon over and after we made a huge grocery haul we started cooking. The boys were in charge of the burgers while Erin and I made the fries, fry sauce and home made guacamole. Adam and Phil worked hard trying to master the cheesy middle. Needless to say-after three burgers they figured it out and it was delicious!! (Even though I have had my fill of hamburger for the next two months!)

Here are the boys cooking the meat-Phil was in charge of shaping and Adam was the grill man.
(Don't ask me about Adam's pose I am just as confused as you are!)

Erin whipping up her perfect fry sauce!

The Goods

Well here is the burger both Adam and Phil ate-Phil got farther on his then Adam eating 3/4 of the entire burger (Gross!) The girl burgers will thankfully half this size-still hard to eat!!
Stay tuned for more Saturday night displays-hopefully next time it will be a bit healthier!!


erin said...

hamburger still looks sick. Mine was delicious though!!!

Whitney Kaye said...

You guys are so great. What a cool idea. Adam's pose is my favorite. I miss you guys.

Kar said...

Oh my, the hamburgers look delicious.

Crystal said...

That's pretty dirty Jess, it looks like... well I don't even have to tell you what it looks like!