Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tagged Again

I was tagged again, and have been feeling guilty for not posting in quite some time. Due to currently boring lives, I have not had much to post about, so decided to complete the tag I was assigned to do a week ago.

20 Years Ago/Feb. 1988 – I was three years old, thoroughly enjoying being the princess of the home-due to me being the only girl, and the youngest. Catherine Rail was my best friend and my neighbor. We ruled the neighborhood being the only girls on our block. The Lakeview house we lived in is still, and will always be my favorite home!

10 Years Ago/Feb. 1998- I am enjoying my year of ownership as a sixth grader at Westridge Elementary. During recess each day, you would find all us girls out on the football field trying to prove our athleticism to the boys. My crush was the dashing Dan Maughn. Kimchee’s house and orchard were still behind the school and after sneaking to her house for lunch for a couple of weeks, we finally got caught and punished!

5 Years Ago/Feb. 2003- I was in my junior year of high school. February was Basketball State tournament time, and our standings were pretty good. This was one of the darkest months I have experienced; due to a terrible knee injury during practice on New Years where I tore all the ligaments in my knee. I was sadly watching all the games from the bench with my knee propped up in a full leg brace, crutches by my side, and tears streaming down my face.

3 Years Ago/Feb. 2005- I was starting my second semester at the lovely BYU. I had finally gotten college down. I was living in the Elms Apartments on University Avenue. I was loving life, and had met my new college best friend and room mate Jenn Barker. I was getting ready to apply to the Business School. This was also the semester I received my first C—a grade that brought tears of joy.

1 Year Ago/Feb. 2006My second semester during my Junior year at BYU. During this month I was still adjusting to living back in Provo, and living at home. I had just got back from spending 4 amazing months in London. This was also the month of the infamous date with a guy (who will remain nameless for his sake) who at the end of the night lit candles, put on Jack Johnson (his interpretation of romance music apparently) and invited me to lay on his bed for a back massage. Keep in mind this was our first date, and second day of knowing each other. Let’s just say things did not end well.

So Far This Year- Adam and I have now been married for six months! What a wonderful six months it has been. We are living in the small town of Rexburg, Idaho trying to survive the long and dreary winter. Adam is a Prober and Closer (those words meant nothing to me until we started working here) for Prosper and I am a receptionist at the same office.

Yesterday- Mondays are lovely days because I don’t work until 2:30 p.m. I got up and went to gym at 8:30 and then did some much needed house cleaning and laundry. I was then able to take a bath and take all the time I wanted to get ready.

Today- I got up at 7:10 to get ready for work at 8. I have been productive at work, answering phone calls and listening to messages. Boredom has finally caught up with me-hence this blog post.

Later Tonight- I am off at work at 4:00 today. I have an interview with the Stake Presidency at 6:30 (not to worry, just to get an ecclesiastical endorsement signed, I have finally surrendered and am going to go to BYU-Idaho.) Then it is off to the gym for a good cardio workout. I am hopefully going to try to make some wheat pizza crust tonight-wish me luck!

Tomorrow- I have work again at 8 am and am off at 11. I will go to the gym-it is an arm day, and then it is back to work at 4:00 where I will be readily available for customers to call and complain to-ahh I love my job!! I will also try not to be depressed about the recent return of winter!

This Year- I will be working still, and also trying to graduate with my degree in Advertising and a minor in Business. Adam and I will celebrate our one-year mark in August, and are going to create new adventures and memories together!! Hopefully by the end of the year we will have finished redecorating our lovely apartment.


Nickell and Aaron said...

So I don't deal with change very well, and I still wish that Kim's house, and the orchard were behind Westridge...those were the days.. And I'm still not sure how I feel about all those houses being built...actually I don't like it.

Kar said...

You lived next to the Rail's? Which house? I have no idea.

Tadd and Cat said...

Awwww I feel soothed now. Thank you for posting. And now I know so much more about you!

Tadd and Cat said...

You're right! It's White Christmas! We were totally raised on musicals, and this was one of our faves!

Kate said...

You're such a good worker-outer! If only I was as dedicated as you maybe I'd look as cute as you do! Let's go for walks when it gets warm outside...I'm pretty much dying for it to be spring.

What did you think of Project Runway last night?? (do you find it funny that I'm asking you this in a comment on your blog? cuz I do. Duh, I'll probably just see you later!) come over and watch Lost if you guys want to! While I'm at it, I got a good laugh at your expense about the whole 11pm showing! You crack me up!

Jeff, Natalie & Brynlie said...

Hey Jessica! I hope you don't mind, but I stumbled upon your blog and I added you to my friends list, you can feel free to check out my blog, and add me- I didn't know that you got married! Congrats! =) You and your husband look very happy, and are really cute together! =)

Jeff, Natalie & Brynlie said...

Oh my goodness! That picture is so hilarious! Not to mention embarrassing! That was definitely while I was going through the "awkward" phase! Anyways.. Just wanted to let you know that I always remember how nice it was of you to send me that card my junior year.. I don't think I ever thanked you for that but it really did mean a lot to me! You have always been so sweet and very thoughtful! =)