Thursday, February 14, 2008

DaY oF lOvE

To My Valentine-
I am so grateful to have such a


I love the way you hold my hand every time we are in the car,

I love kneeling down with you each night-your prayers are always full of gratitude

I love cuddling with you-even when you are tired and trying to sleep you willingly slide over

I love hearing you bare your testimony

I love being silly with you-
Jumping on the bed,
Dancing in the living room and the car
Playing tag Up The Stairs to our Apartment

I love the way you treat me

I love how you encourage me in whatever project I am working on

You never discourage me-but always tell me to shoot for whatever dreams I have

You are truly my BEST FRIEND

Will you by my valentine?


Kar said...

Ooh, precious.

erin said...

that is the cutest little valentine sweet.

Kate said...

What little love birds you two are!

Happy love day to you!