Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finding Joy In Small Things

So I have been out of eye makeup remover for three days now. So instead of using soft eye soap, I have been using regular Dial soap on a soft cotton ball. It is TORTURE!! It is hard on my skin, it gets in my eyes, and then they burn and swell up! It has made me hate getting ready for bed even more! So yesterday I had to run to the grocery store quickly to grab a few things for lunch, and was so desperate that I decided to go look at their eye makeup remover. ( I don't like getting toiletries at Grocery stores!) So I grabbed the first thing I saw, and to my surprise- washing my eye makeup off last night was like washing with a soft, silky ball of Satin!! It was wonderful and it only took a little bit to take off all the makeup. And more importantly it smelled DELICIOUS!! It smells exactly like roses!! So not only was it soft on my eye, and worked great-the air was filled with the sweet aroma of fresh roses. I was so excited over this small moment that I ran into to our bedroom to share this tiny joy with Adam. He tried to share and relate to the experience with me because he could tell how happy I was, but let's face it, his knowledge on makeup removers is very limited. So I am sharing this small and somewhat silly thing to all those who can relate to the very torturous event of washing off eye makeup!! I am finally saying goodbye to the burning eyes!!

These are my favorite house household item!! I love Clorox wipes! They are so divine-because they pick up messes very quickly and are the perfect solution when you don't want to deep clean but want to disinfect!! I make sure we always have some of these!!


Kar said...

All make-up remover always stings my face. I just use Cetaphil to wash and then a Q-tip to get the rest of the gunk off. I'm glad you found something that works for you!

Paige Anderson said...

You are so silly. Boys just don't get the same pleasure from things like girls do. I too love Clorox wipes! The lemon ones smell divine. Love you.

Tadd and Cat said...

Am I supposed to use make-up remover for my eye make-up? Am I not much of a girl because I don't? I'm a Nu Skin product user, and skip the make-up remover all together. I feel like it would sting my little eyes!