Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Look Back @ 2007. . . .

1. At the beginning of the year, I readjusted to living back in Provo, after spending 4 1/2 months in London.

2. Paige became Mrs. Wes Anderson on February 15, 2007 in the Salt Lake Temple and had a beautiful reception at Tucanos.

3. March 2, 2007- My first date with Adam!! We were set up on a blind date. We went to Happy Sumo and then played pool at Fat Cats, and then went to his apartment to watch a movie.

4. March 10, 2007- Melissa had her reception and then was married to Mike Williams the next morning.

5. April 23, 2007- Adam and I took a road trip down to Colorado to meet Adam's sister Brandi, her husband Nate, and her three cute girls Brinley, Alexa, and Natalee.

6. April 27, 2007- Crystal and Adam were married in Salt Lake!

7. May 19, 2007-Adam and I got engaged on the Heber Creeper train

8. June 15, 2007- Jen married Phil Richards in the Bountiful Temple!!

9. July 28, 2007- I took my endowments out at the Mount Timpanogos Temple

10. August 2, 2007- Adam I were married in Salt Lake at 9:00 a.m. and had a luncheon reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building.

11. August 7, 2007-We move up to Rexburg, Idaho

12. August 11, 2007- We had an open house in my parent's backyard

13. August 24, 2007-Kim was sealed to Jake Mulder in Bountiful

14. August 25, 2007-Jeremy joined the Collings Family, and Ashley became Mrs. Jeremy Peterson!

15. September 2007-My older brother moved up to Rexburg and joined us at Prosper!!

16. September 15, 2007- Nikki was married to Denton in Manti!

17. November 21, 2007-Our dear friend Wes was called home. Our lives will be forever touched and impacted because of his example and friendship.

18. December 24 &25- Our first Christmas and Holiday Season together, and being married!


Tadd and Cat said...

I'm so sad about Paige's husband passing away. How is she doing? She's such a sweetheart. If you see her let her know she's in my prayers.

kate said...

What a fun, busy year!!!

Paige Anderson said...

I love your summary of this past year. It certainly has been a bitter-sweet one. Thanks for your tribute to Wes. I think I'm going to copy you and make one of my own.