Thursday, January 17, 2008

Want or Need. . . . .

I work as a receptionist at the same office that Adam works in. So I spend a lot of time on the internet-surfing the web, blogging, and much to Adam's dismay-shopping! When we were down in Utah during Christmas, we spent a day going shopping at the Gateway Mall where I was introduced to my new favorite obsession ANTHROPOLOGIE! I love that store-the clothes are so unique and the design of the store is fabulous!. When I walked in that day, it was like I was entering my own fairytale. The clothes that were in the store, and the way that everything was arranged and decorated! It was wonderful-thank you Adam for being such a sport and staying in there with me.

Now we are back in Idaho and I have to view my dream store online only. (Which I do frequently-as if I think it is going to disappear or something!) I wanted to share with you my new favorite pieces of clothing. I have become obsessed with them, and view them daily. I can't really justify spending all my money on each one quite yet. Do I really NEED another skirt or jacket to add to my already well stocked closet???

This shirt is named the "Peter Rabbit Blouse"

I tried this trench coat on in the store and instantly fell in love!!
It is hard to see, but it has cute little lace flaps everywhere-so cute and different.

I have recently been buying all kinds of 3/4 sleeve Jackets with Bell Sleeves.
I just think they are so cute, and flattering, but as Adam pointed out
"They are not practical here in Idaho!" (Sadly true!)


Cait said...

I love that store too! One of my absolute favorites :-) I did get your comment about Danny's brothers - I tried to post a response but for some reason it wouldn't save. Anyway, yeah they are awesome and it was so good to see you too! It's nice to be able to read your blog and see what you are up to :-)

erin said...

you introduced me to the 3/4 sleeve jackets. i ended up getting one for christmas by accident, and i'm in love!! i love that peter rabbit shirt too! very cute.

kate said...

Oh Anthropologie is an addiction! That store is positively divine! I have totally been wanting a trench coat...there was a cute one at J.Crew that I wanted a while back...maybe someday right!

You have to show me all the places you shop online so I can get more fashionable. Really!

Kar said...

All I do at work is surf the web and blog too. I thought I was the only one. Such a star employee! Also, I've never been to Anthropologie. In fact, I'd never heard of it until it was referenced in 'She's the Man.'

CwazyLawa said...

Hello doll! I noticed your link off of Whitter's and had to tell you that I am obsessed with Anthro. I took J there once though, and he had no clue what all my hype was about. Guess it's a girl thing. But I used to spend all sorts of hours online looking at everything. Oh the hours I've lost!