Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fashion Icon

Alright I have a confession, I was once an "O.C." maniac. I never missed an episode when the show started. I lived, breathed, and dreamt the characters, the drama, and the social life. This obsession started as an accident as I stumbled across the show in the first season. I was immediately hooked!! This lasted until the middle of season three when the drama became too much and the episodes began to blend together. But from this show my admiration grew for Rachel Bilson. She is one of my fashion icons. She always looks stylish and perfectly put together. Her style is timeless, always choosing pieces that blend together well, while still making a statement. I search for photos of her weekly so I can steal fashion ideas from her!
While doing just that this morning, I stumbled across an article about her close encounter of being fired because she refused to do nudity in one of her films!!! My adoration just shot through the roof! Not only is she a great example of classic style, but she has some pretty good morals!! I try to limit my "star intake" but I just have recently become more impressed by her and her style!

This is one of my favorite outfits-it is so casual but looks amazing-the jacket is a must!

I love this blouse, it is very chic and different.

I feel silly putting pictures of a celebrity on my blog, but I really love her style!! ( and I am at work and bored to tears!!)


Whitney Kaye said...

I love her too Jess. She is so dang cute dresses gorgeously.

Whitney Kaye said...

I love her too Jess. She is so dang cute and dresses gorgeously.

Tadd and Cat said...

I too am/was obsessed with the O.C. I got over it in Season 4, all too lame. And I LOVE Rachel Bilson, and I especially loved her character. I wouldn't mind being around Adam Brody as well. Too bad they broke up!

Paige Anderson said...

I just started watching old episodes of the OC. I too was an addict but got lost in season 2. I'm thinking you need to come back down to Utah and we should go on a Rachel Bilson look alike shopping trip. Love you!

Tiffany and Clay said...

such a good call on rachel bilson, she is such a doll. I am so glad that you found our blog. Now we can keep in touch better, I hope life is going good for you and your cute hubby. Love ya,
tiff and clay

Lindey & Corbin said...

Corbin and I loved the oc too! You're not alone! It was good to see you too, I wish I could have talked to you more. You and your husband are so cute!