Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Firm Determination

ReSoLuTiOnS- Webster's Dictionary has this to say, "the act or process of resolving," so I turned to:
ReSoLvE-the one I liked the best says: "marked by firm determination."

As each New Year approaches (I realize it is already here, so am a little late on these thoughts!) I am filled with this incredible amount of "FIRM DETERMINATION." (I really like that expression.) Three days before the first of January I start writing down RESOLUTIONS, and am filled with excitement because of the fresh new year. It feels like a fresh clean slate, like opening a new pack of paper-it is blank ready for new goals, accomplishments, and memories. I am excited to get the New Year started and start working on the goals I want to accomplish, and the bad habits I want to overcome (it seems each year my list of bad habits increases!)

Well it is now the second week of January and for some reason last night I was blindsided by feelings of inadequacy. I was suddenly overwhelmed by all that I wanted to do this year! One of my biggest goals was to turn our apartment into a home. And I guess that I thought I could do it in a matter days instead of realizing that it may take months. So when Adam came home last night he found me on the family room floor, filled with depression. (I am pathetic I know!) After trying to uplift my spirits, we both decided it was best to go to bed and that the morning would bring happiness!

So here I am-it is now 10 a.m. and I feel better! I realize that I am not SUPERWOMAN (yes it took awhile and hurt) and that all I need to do is give myself time. So I am now armed with my project list and supply list:

1 Sheet of Sand Paper-To strip the kitchen chairs that I am repainting

1 Can of White Primer-The first layer to go on our coffee table

1 Can of Black Furniture Paint-The last layer to go on our coffee table

1 Tube of White Spackle-To fill in all the holes that I have made when hanging pictures and then taking them down because I changed my mind! (sorry Adam)

5 Frames-to hang more pictures

1 Bookshelf-To organize our never ending supply of books

3 Paintbrushes-For all the above projects that require one

1 Large Tarp-To do all the projects on-inside the house-because the normal temperature here is always in the teens and the ground is permanently white

1 Long bubble bath

With this list created I feel more calm! That feeling of "firm determination" is crawling back in! I felt more organized and realized that I can focus on one project at a time!


Whitney Kaye said...

My mom actually hasn't written anything yet. If it takes off I will definately give it to ya.

Nickell and Aaron said...

So I am glad you post stuff pretty much everyday! It gives me something to do. When I work at the hospital, it is quite boring! We should be blog friends.

erin said...

good luck with your apartment rehab. i think it looks beautiful as is. :)

erin said...

i keep checking for some update pictures......where are they?? :)