Thursday, January 31, 2008

Home Makeover Update

Well here are some pictures from my home make-over New Years Resolution! I keep getting asked to put some pictures up of what I have done so far-so here they are. It is a slow but sure project. We still have a long way to go, but here is what I got done in January!

Here is the shelf we bought at Ikea to use as our pantry. I put it together all by myself!!

My Uncle made this bench for me-So I stained it black and it is now our Coffee Table!

Our new towel Rack from Rod Works-I had to spray it black to match the kitchen

The candle centerpiece on our kitchen table

Pictures from my study abroad-they are on the kitchen wall above the kitchen table.

They all go side by side on the wall


erin said...

very nice. i need to see them for myself.

Nickell and Aaron said...

I love Ikea! I wish I could redecorate, but as my husband says "we don't need to". It's so fun to get new stuff, and make stuff pretty! I love those pictures from your study abroad!

Tadd and Cat said...

You certainly have a flair for decorating, I suck at it! I'll have to take some pointers from you!