Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Chicken of the Sea

This tuna is a symbol of my sweet husband.

He showed up to work today with a fresh tuna and pickle sandwich-just the way I like it.

He spent the day making sure that my stressful day turned into a peaceful day.

I woke up this morning

feeling like I had ran a marathon-a night filled with no sleep,
tossing and turning,
and a lot of bathroom trips.

I opened the window to see this:

My morning continued as I became increasingly overwhelmed with the day's tasks.

My stomach continued to increase in pain with aches that seem to appear each month and choose to stay for 24 hours straight.

After a long eight hour shift I came home to find:

The dishwasher loaded and running

My clothes washed and neatly folded

Our dresser organized and dusted

All my stress seemed to melt away and I was overcome with love and appreciation for a husband who senses when I am having a hard day and showers me with kindness.


Shanicherie said...

Cute! So cute! When this happens to me (every month for 3 days!), he just kinda looks at me really worried, wrings his hands and won't stop looking at me for fear I may keel over. Haha. It's quite funny, really! Hope you feel better!!

Kar said...

Cute husband! I love tuna/pickle sandwiches. Yum. I'm glad someone else does too.

Crystal said...


Ashley said...

Trying again.