Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dinner Success

I really enjoy cooking, but most nights after working 6-8 hours my motivation to cook runs very slim. After feeling guilty for not cooking each night I set a personal goal of cooking at least three nights a week. I not only set a goal to cook but to try new recipes and come up with my own. Adm and I are trying hard to eat only wheat carbs and as much vegetables as possible (to make up for all the crappy stuff that we eat!). I love looking here and here for delicious and healthy recipes and ideas!

So last night I decided to make

Pesto Chicken Pasta with Sauteed Zuchinni,
along with Strawberries and Cream for dessert.
It took a bit longer than I expected,
but when we sat down and took our first bite I was filled with pride!!
And felt that all the stress and mess was worth it!

The cooking mess!

My homemade pesto (sorry the picture is blurry-I was hurrying)

The sauteed Zuchinni with fresh Parmesan on top

The final product!


Kate said...

Look how dedicated you are! I wish I could say the same. Instead I think, "Ok I think Mark can fend for himself. I'll make dinner tomorrow." (I usually don't!) What kind of wife am I! Sheesh!

You dinner looks fab! And I love your Thankful Monday idea!

Kar said...

That looks spectacular. I love your dishes. Really, I LOVE them!

Shanicherie said...

Looks very yummy! I want the recipe!

erin said...

Wow, go you. Love the dishes! :)

I'm an awful wife, I never cook.

Whit Ing said...

It would help if I would post on rookie cookie at least once this week...

Good for you and your goals. The more often you cook and become familiar with your ingredients, the quicker you will become at turning out a great meal. WAY TO GO!

BTW, looks delicious.

Tadd and Cat said...

I love your dishes! Want to know how many times I've cooked a meal for Tadd and I? NEVER. I'm an awful wife. The kitchen intimidates me!

Nickell and Aaron said...

Thanks! And P.S. this dinner looks delicious and I think I need the recipe! I need a whole bunch of new recipes, mine are getting old!

Tiffany and Clay said...

You are so cute!! How long were you in London?? I'm so jealous, i'm assuming that you shopped 'til you dropped :) That makes me even more jealous!!! It sounds like you're so happy, and your life is going great. I am so glad. Are you coming to Utah anytime soon??? Let me know, i'd love to meet up.