Monday, March 17, 2008

Monday Gratitude

Mondays are usually viewed negatively:

The First Day back to Work,

The farthest day from the weekend,

The day that brings the schedule back for the rest of the week.

Although on Mondays I don't go to work until the afternoon,
I still find myself complaining Sunday night, that the dreaded day is already arriving.
So tonight I decided that each Monday I will post five things I am grateful for.
These things will range from large, valuable items, to small and somewhat insignificant things. This talk has left an impact on me and since reading it for Family Night two weeks ago,
I decided that each day I would write one thing in my planner that was a blessing that day.

So in light of that inspiration,
here is my first "Gratitude Monday."


1. My Husband- He is currently working very hard to provide for our small family, and is contstantly doing all that is humanly possible to make my life as wonderful as possible!

2. Swiffer Mop-Yes I know it seems silly, but hear me out. I have grown up in homes that all have Cental Vacuum Systems which means that I had never used a broom inside a home until I moved into an apartment. I have become pretty good at it, but still hate to sweep.

I have been looking forward to purchasing "The Swiffer" for weeks now, and tonight we got it!!
Using it was divine!! It picked up everything, and for the first time in months I could mop standing up!!

(Old picture)

3. My Family- We were able to spend a brief visit with my family this last weekend. Adam had a business meeting in Provo at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday afternoon-we arrived just in time, and then left at 5:00 p.m. the next day. Although the trip was short, it filled me with love and gratitude as all eight of us sat around the table while we enjoyed a delicious meal at P.F. Changs.

(Thanks Dad!)

4. New toothbrush- I have a bad habit of brushing my teeth very vigorously and very hard!! My dentist has had to cover some of my exposed tooth nerves because of my my rough brushing. I brushed so hard and have worn away my gums.
So despite my best efforts, I go through toothbrushes very quickly.

Each time I open a new brush I relish in that brand new bristle feeling!

5. My Hair Straightener- This is the best invention!! The only electric tool that has been able to tame my thick, coarse, wavy hair!! If only they were around and popular during my junior high years!

(Those of you who were there with me remember my full volume, untamed hair!! I am surprised that I had friends back then!)


Tadd and Cat said...

I like your new Monday thing! I hate to think back to what I looked like before flat irons, ugh! If you've never tried it, your next flat iron NEEDS to be the infra shine! It's AMAZING!

Kelly said...

Jess... Ahh what a fun treat to see your darling blog! I loved it! So fun to see your hubby. You look so cute and happy together! I loved seeing the family photos. Good old Jonathan what is he up to? Loved the photo of your adorable Mom and Dad! Always loved them! Such happy dear people!Well Im so glad you found me know we can keep tabs with eachother! Have a wonderful day!

erin said...

I loved this post! What a great creative thing to do. I love even more that the Swifer made the top 5! I love that thing. One of the best inventions for us housewives.

Kar said...

I love your family. The mere sight of Jeffery makes me smile. I also love P.F. Changs. Yum.

Erin said...

I DO remember your thick hair, and I also remember wishing my hair could do what yours did. Seriously, I have this memory of sitting in Mrs. Tippetts' science class and thinking, "I love Jessica's hair."