Monday, March 10, 2008

London Longing

For some reason during my slow start this morning I started looking at all my pictures from living in London for 4 months and I got a bit nostalgic. Our life is pretty simple right now, so I thought I would post some London Memories today.

My home-it is two flats in one-all forty of us lived here, plus the classroom!!

It used to be used as an Embassy, so the inside is very fancy

Our Street-Palace Court

After waiting in line for three hours we got our front row tickets to Wicked!!!

My London Bestie Erika and I in front of the Charte Cathedral in France

The beautiful Big Ben

Us Girls at the Lake Districe-prettiest place EVER!!

The beautiful Tower Bridge


erin said...

gorgeous pictures! and very fun to look at your memories. thanks for posting them.

Whitney Kaye said...

It makes me so sad sometimes. I miss it! Love you and loved the text this morning. MADE MY DAY!

Kar said...

Pretty. I love pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Ashley said...

Jess! I stumbled across your blog on your Facebook. It's great to see that you're doing well =] Those pictures make me nostalgic!!!!

And where did you get your cute background?


Shanicherie said...

Finally! A new post! You realize I check this every day, right? And I am really disappointed when there's nothing there!

But oh my gosh, I totally miss England right now too. It was so fun to explore such an OLD place and see how beautiful it was in the city as well as in the country! I can't imagine how much my husband misses it since it was his HOME, ya know!? Well, I hope you're doing well and not freezing up there in Ideeho!

Nickell and Aaron said...

Hey! I was the same way when I moved to California! I hated seeing pictures because it made me miss everyone too much! Maybe someday soon you will be able to move back!